Marsden SHS Athletic Development Program


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​​​​​​​​​About the program

The Athletic Development program is designed to provide differentiation and rigor across all stages of physical learning. What is seen in the template is an open-ended program that allows every student to have the opportunity to excel individually rather than to be locked to a program based on the mean of their team. Having the program in this format provides self-driven learning and improvement to be exhibited in every session. This environment allows individual students to have control on their journey towards movement mastery and will lead to improvement of performance in their chosen sporting disciple.

How the program works

The system will be based on the school colour's “White", “Black" and “Maroon". In the beginning stages of the student's athletes journey white (the low cognitive stage) is the initial program. Once the student achieves competency in all aspects of the program, the student is then able to progress.   

Looking ahead

The goal is to have all students able to execute the autonomous movements by the end of year 10. However, if a student is progressing well they can attempt the autonomous movements earlier, hence the differentiate options available in a visual table in clear view on the gym wall.


Exercise science ​​student's​

For 2022 we are looking to have more Exercise Science students here at Marsden State High School.  These students are from QUT, UQ and now joining this year is Griffith University.  

This service has been running since 2019 with great success. These unique partnerships provide superior care for our developing athletes. Please see below the support available and in action:

  • Work in collaboration with our Fizzio for life team to provide superior “Return to Play" practices
  • Exercise prescription
  • Conducting warm ups / cool downs
  • Biomechanical assessment/analysis for the purpose of exercise prescription
  • Monitor client exercise session
  • Strength and conditioning for a team or individual
  • Testing Data collection and analysis

​Concussion Pro

Concussion PRO is available​ and on site here at Marsden State High and the first school to have this available in the country. Concussion Pro has been used across the world in various institutions including the US Military. It has been designed to provide state of the art comparative analysis calculations to assist in fast and accurate concussion assessments and  allows for the rapid identification of symptoms of a concussive injury .Concussion PRO has been designed to improve the identification of symptoms in initial response and a follow-up situation, allowing advanced comparative data analysis and to then be available for professional medical analysis. 

Last reviewed 29 March 2022
Last updated 29 March 2022