Enrolling at our school


​​Marsden State High School is one of the largest secondary schools in Queensland.

Students can apply for enrolment at Marsden State High School (MSHS) under the following categories:

Local catchment area

Student’s principal residence is within the defined local catchment area. Parents or legal guardians who wish to enrol their child at Marsden State High School, will need to demonstrate that the student's principal place of residence is within the catchment area. Current proof of residency (2 different documents) at the address indicated is required to be provided. Please provide one primary source and one secondary source with your completed enrolment pack.

  1. One primary source — a current rental/lease agreement, or rates notice, or unconditional contract of sale.
  2. One secondary source — a utility bill (e.g. electricity, gas) showing this same address and parent's/legal guardian's name.
See the MSHS Enrolment Management Plan ​for more information.

Excellence Discipline acceptance

Acceptance into one of our selective entry disciplines (Academic, Music, Dance, Rugby League, Girls Rugby League, Basketball and Football). Please refer to the Excellence Programs page for more information on how to apply and details on each discipline. 

Students must provide their most recent school report that reflects continued excellence in academic, behaviour and effort. 

If applying for Academic Excellence students must provide Naplan report with enrolment paperwork.

Decision on Enrolment

Selective Entry – The Executive Principal is responsible for all decisions on selective entry enrolments and his decision on selection will be final. There is no internal review of the Executive Principal’s decision.

Local Catchment Area – The Executive Principal is responsible for all decisions on enrolments and may request any additional documentation and conduct other enquiries deemed necessary to satisfy eligibility criteria.

There is no review of the Executive Principal’s decision.

Before you apply

Read and agree with our school policies:

Students and parents/caregivers are required to read and agree to the following policies set-out by Education Queensland and Marsden State High School before student enrolment is accepted:


Steps for enrolment Complete and sign forms 1-9

Please ensure all forms are signed by guardian and student.

  1. Application for student enrolment

  2. Enrolment agreement

  3. General requirements safety

  4. Information computer technology acceptable use agreement

  5. State school consent form

  6. 2022 Schedule of fees Years 7 to 10

  7. 2022 Schedule of fees Years 11 to 12

  8. USI (Unique student identification) registration form

  9. Insurance indemnity form


Checklist: You are required to provide the following documentation with students enrolment paperwork?

  • Copy of Birth Certificate.

  • Copy of previous School report card.

  • Proof of address x 2 (e.g. drivers licence, bill, rental slip)

  • Copy of Legal or Custody documents if applicable.


Submitting your application

You will be required to submit your completed enrolment pack with all relevant paperwork attached to our Administration Office, only once this has been submitted our Enrolment officer will contact you to arrange an enrolment interview. Students must attend an enrolment interview accompanied by their parents/guardian.

Enrolment interviews are generally conducted by the school’s enrolment officer. Students who are transferring because of behaviour, attendance or learning engagement difficulties will be interviewed by a Deputy Principal. Students who are enrolling after being excluded from another school will be interviewed by the Executive Principal.

Transferring from another School?

Students enrolling from another Queensland high school must obtain an official transfer from their previous school. We will contact your previous school for background information to help us plan for your success.

Last reviewed 14 March 2022
Last updated 14 March 2022