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Performance Academy of Excellence

The Arts Excellence Performance Academy in Dance, Music and Drama was introduced in 2016.  The Performance Academy allows exceptionally talented students to participate in an extension program to gain further experience and qualifications within the Arts industry whilst still at school. 
The aim of the Performance Academy is to provide students who have identified talent as a musician, actor/actress or dancer with an opportunity to learn from professionals within the industry whilst being exposed to a variety of creative, management and performance opportunities. This range of experiences not only improves the students’ skills but provide a forum for them to explore genuine career opportunities in the Arts industry and prepares them for further study post-schooling. 
Course Overview & Structure:
The Dance Academy is offered to students from Year 7-12 through both curricular and extra-curricular programs.  Students are encouraged to participate in one of the many dance extra-curricular activities on offer.  Through these programs, students will gain a thorough understanding of the dance industry and will work side-by-side with industry professionals.  In addition, our senior students who elect Dance Academy as a non-OP pathway will study a broad range of concepts that will prepare them for a variety of post schooling options in the dance industry. Students study Hip Hop which prepares them for a variety of performance opportunities and competitions which provides the students with real world experience. They will also focus on broadening their technique and skills by learning about different genres of dance including Contemporary and Jazz.  
The Music Academy is also offered to students from Year 7 – 12 through both curricular and extra-curricular programs.  In Junior Secondary, student apply and/or are identified for the Music Academy and placed in an extension class.  Provided these students maintain their musicianship throughout Junior Secondary, an invitation will be given to enter Music Academy in Senior where they will study Certificate III in Music Industry.  All Music Academy students are provided with an extensive range of opportunity to perform across Logan and Brisbane.  Our Music Academy students have access to industry standard equipment to encourage and support creativity and prepare them for a future music career pathway. 
The Drama Academy is in its introduction phase and currently offers extra-curricular activities to senior students.  The Drama Players Club runs outside school hours for selected students and aims to expose students to the industry and provide opportunities for them to work with professionals. 
Performance Academy Costs:
The outlay of costs for members of the Performance Academy is available upon request. The course costs are used to provide and maintain high quality equipment and resources to students in the program as well as workshops with industry professionals.
Performance Academy Entry Requirements:
Acceptance into Marsden SHS Performance Academy program is dependent upon a student’s ability to meet certain criteria. Students wishing to be considered for a position in the Performance Academy must demonstrate the following attributes:
· Applicants must be at an acceptable standard of musicianship, dance and/or drama ability, to be deemed through audition processes or invitation.
· Ability to work with others in pursuit of music, dance and/or drama excellence.
· Proven exemplary record of academic studies in all Arts subjects and outstanding records of behaviour, effort and attendance in all classes.   
Post Schooling Opportunity for Performance Academy Graduates:
Students who complete the Dance Academy program will be provided with opportunities to audition for a variety of programs including those offered at the Queensland University of Technology, Raw, Danceforce, District Studios Dance Company and performance groups including Academy of Brothers (AOB) and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Students are also encouraged to further their studies and experience in all aspects of the Dance Industry including teaching, choreography, set/costume design and management opportunities.
Upon finishing school with a Certificate III in Music Industry, students graduating from the Music Academy will be in good stead to enter tertiary music degrees in fields such as Music Technology, Sound Production, Popular Music, Music Performance and Music Education.
Our students from the Senior Drama Players Club are guided through the depth of information available to them regarding post-school opportunities and are supported through the application process as they prepare portfolios and audition material.  Post-schooling opportunities include further study in Theatre, Musical Theatre, Creative Arts and Drama Education.