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  • arrive on time, with all the right tools
  • am positive and give 100%
  • carry my planner at all times
  • wear the uniform with pride
  • show respect for people & the grounds
  • engage in active learning
  • will expand my horizons
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Discover the Advantages And Make a difference

Marsden State High School is an outstanding school with an excellent reputation. Since 1987, it has come to symbolise high quality public school education in the Logan area. Our school culture is founded on high performance expectations and personalised attention. Our core values of persistence, passion and pride underpin everything that makes Marsden SHS so unique. Our school offers a comprehensive learning environment led by passionate and engaging teachers working together to deliver outstanding achievements across the academic, sporting, cultural and creative industries fields.

I am convinced that Marsden SHS’s balanced approach - between respecting our proud traditions and stimulating innovation and progress - will bring great benefits to you personally and professionally in the future. This is an innovative, proud and culturally vibrant school community where all students are challenged to work towards our vision – Dare to Inspire… Make a Difference!

Being part of this passionate school community means that you are surrounded by possibility and superior opportunity every day. Discover the advantages of Marsden SHS and learn what it’s like to be part of this unique high achieving community.

Andrew Peach






Marsden State High School 
106-130 Muchow Road
Waterford West  QLD  4133
Phone:  07 3299 0555

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